About GRN Radio

INTRODUCTION:    Thank you for taking time to read this brochure introducing you to The Gospel Radio Network (GRN). You can listen to GRN worldwide at www.grnradio.org. This Christian Family Radio went on the air on May 24, 2012 in the west Georgia town of Tallapoosa as WEYY 88.7FM radio. WEYY is now the flag-ship station for The Gospel Radio Network.

The FCC told us that we only had five months from the time we acquired the station to get it on the air. It’s time of construction had almost expired. God went to work and we were able to find temporary facilities to mount a temporary tower and install transmission equipment.

Our dear friends at The Fundamental Broadcasting Network (FBN) from Grace Baptist Church in Newport, NC, with Pastor Clyde Eborn allowed us to broadcast their programming and we rejoiced to have fundamental church preaching and music in the west Georgia area for the first time ever. We became an affiliate of FBN for a short time.

The Gospel Radio Network is a ministry of Barnes Evangelist Ministries located in Carrollton, Georgia. On June 15, 2015 GRN began to broadcast its own programming on the world-wide web 24/7. Since going on the air many Christians have been helped to serve Jesus and lost souls have been saved because of GRN! To God be the glory!

THE PURPOSE: Our purpose at the world-wide ministry of GRN radio and the local station at WEYY 88.7FM is to glorify God and lift-up the name of Jesus in everything we do, and propagate the Gospel and win the lost to Jesus.

We are not charismatic, contemporary or ecumenical. We are fundamental in our doctrine, teaching, music and practice. We are members of a fundamental independent Baptist church.

We purpose to stay true to and uphold the King James Bible as the only preserved and inspired Word of God for preaching, reading, practice, teaching and believing. God preserved His inspiration in the KJB.

We purpose to support the local New Testament Bible preaching church in our programming and endeavor to help the pastor with his ministry. Most pastors preach and teach their people for only four hours a week.

If we can get them to listen to GRN (WEYY) for two hours a day they will hear 10-14 hours a week. By this, we extend what their pastor is teaching and preaching.

THE PEOPLE:  In November, 2004 Evangelist Gary L. Barnes and family was introduced to real fundamental Christian Radio message and music. Our hearts were stirred and burdened at that time to have that kind of radio in west Georgia and around the world.

God saved Brother Barnes at the age of eleven and called him to preach in 1975. After attending Hyles-Anderson College he joined the church staff at the King’s Way Baptist Church in 1983 and worked in the ministry for Pastor Mike Johns. In 1995 Brother Barnes went to pastor The Bible Baptist Church in Douglasville, GA. for seven years and went into evangelism in 2003.


The Staff of The Gospel Radio Network is:

Evangelist Gary L. Barnes ----------- President

Brother Evan Barnes ----------------- Manager

Brother David Barnes ---------------- Engineer


A Board of Counselors will help GRN and consist of local pastors and Christian business men. Other help will be given by Christian business men and women from various churches and the local community.

The operation of GRN (WEYY) radio will require many volunteers, made up of people that share a burden for Christian Radio.

THE PURSE: Certainly, no radio station can operate very long without financial support and tax deductible donations.

GRN radio is a non-commercial, non-profit station and will not sale radio time to anyone. Therefore, GRN must be listener supported, church supported and business supported. Two Share-a-thons will be conducted each year to help raise funds.

THE PRAYER:  Our prayer is that God will be glorified by the ministry of GRN radio; that Christ will be exalted; that the Holy Spirit will lead in all we do; that souls will be saved and Christians will be taught the Word of God; that the music will be Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs that honor Christ.

Our prayer is that God will always have His way. We pray that He will provide through His people the financial needs of the ministry; that He will give us some churches to support this 24/7 missionary; that He will give some businesses to underwrite selections of programming.

We praise His precious name and we are excited to follow Him in HIS RADIO MINISTRY!

Pray about joining the team TODAY and help send Fundamental Christian Family Radio around the world!!


To God be the glory! Romans 10:18



Mailing Info:

P.O. Box 595
Carrollton, GA 30112